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Shimmer is inspired by K-fashion and K-beauty. Korean women are passionate in their work and their beauty. Shimmer is about empowering women by gaining self-confidence and by expressing their personalities.


We love those people who enjoy their work and life. They can make positive energy and it makes them attractive. Shimmer will give you this energy and always try to meet your sophisticated needs.


Let's be a star in our life with Shimmer!

When I was a little girl, I used to play with my mom's cosmetics and its containers. I think I was 
attracted to the good smell and pretty colors. Since I started to put on make up, cosmetic items have been my 
best friends and one of the best ways to express myself. For sure, this holds a fascination for women.


With our professional researchers, I would like to keep developing valuable skin care & make up items
which encourage women to find their own beauty and have self-confidence.


I believe that a confident woman is beautiful!

Happy white day!

International Women's Day


Shimmer New Skincare Line_Yoonhasoo

Shimmer perfect makeup set

Happy New Year!

The first snowfall in Seoul

Shall we do yoga?

아침고요 수목원 펜션

Shimmer skincare gift set

Osulloc Greentea affogato

희노애락 Facial mask sheet